Get started on your desktop

Easily set up on any desktop and start collecting reviews and data.

  • Collect customer emails and phone numbers
  • Stay in your customer's pocket with SMS
  • Integrate and use simultaneously with other services
  • Retarget customers with Facebook Pixel
  • Create loyalty programs on the fly

Recommended for

  • Building customer lists
  • Eco-initiatives
  • Simple check-in
  • Fast-paced environments
  • Standing out
  • Going digital
  • Simple sign-outs
  • Processing customers

Setup instructions

  • Choose browser

    1. Open internet browser of choice (Chrome, Safari, etc.)
    2. Enter URL into address bar and press enter

  • Bookmark for easy access

    1. If you are on a Mac, press cmd+D
    2. If you are on a PC, press ctrl+D

  • Getting Started

    1. Go to URL that you have bookmarked
    2. It is best to leave your computer on this page at all times
    3. Enter phone number of who you want to send message to
    4. They will receive an SMS with more instructions